Cada segundo que sigo esperando para que algo pase, es un segundo más que me arrastra a donde nada pasa. Camino hacia lo desconocido, para que algo pase.
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Shit Happens

Awhile ago, I came up with an idea. To make a long story short, my life was not going quite as planned; I had just (finally) graduated from college with my degree in graphic design, was living independently for the first time in my life, and on the hunt for That Job: the one you land directly after school that carves the path for your career. I finally landed a job at Milford Signs, but not until hitting every possible metaphorical “bump,” on the way. After months and months of stress-induced ulcers, sleep deprivation, and boundless anxiety, it finally hit me; SHIT HAPPENS. And thus, the idea for this sign was born.

Out of every phrase I could have chosen, one might ask why I decided on “shit happens.” As English is not my first language, I am thrilled by the discovery of these sorts of tongue-in-cheek sayings and couldn’t have found a better way to express just exactly how I was feeling to anyone, any other way. Shit happens! Shit happens all around us every single day: to people, to places, to things; whether we’re on our way to work, at the grocery store, or on our couches, watching tacky reality television and minding our own business. Shit just happens, and the best thing you can do is laugh about it, shrug it off, and keep smiling. This sign is my way of reminding myself and everyone else of that.

I sketched my orginal design, and re-drew it using Adobe Illustrator creating a mock-up. My friend and co-worker, Don, has built signs from Memphis, TN to Georgia and Arkansas. I showed him my idea, and he offered to create it for free. Therefore, the sign was completely designed by myself, and created completely by hand by Don. The actual sign is in my posession now; its letters are made of inset vinyl, and its base is composed of 100% recycled aluminum— something that we’re both very proud of and think is very important.

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